Table of Contents


Section I – Introduction

Would you prefer: getting roughed up by someone who cares or getting the crap kicked out of you by someone who doesn’t?

  1. China Fever
  2. The Goal of This Book
  3. This Book Is For You If…..
  4. Bottom Line– What Are We Dealing With Here?
  5. The Anti Anti-China Rant
  6. Getting Started
  7. OK, Who Is Sam Goodman Anyhow?

Section II – Boot Camp

When you can walk across this rice paper Grasshopper…

  1. This time, You’re The ‘F.O.B.’
  2. Born to Be Schizo
  3. Doing Business on Planet Meynland
  4. China’s Other Great Wall
  5. China’s 5000 Year History in Under 200 Words.
  6. They’re New to This
  7. Don’t Blame Mao, Confucius Screwed Them First
  8. It’s All About Face
  9. Everything That’s Not About  Face, Is About Guanxi
  10. You Can Always Get More Guanxi
  11. Chinese Water Torture
  12. Chinese Fire Drills
  13. The China Price
  14. Remember, You Are in Their Sandbox
  15. Kick Ass or Kiss Ass
  16. Do…you…understand…me!!!????
  17. Getting Around the Point
  18. The 2 Most Uncommon Things in China
  19. All Foreigners Look the Same
  20. Beijing Sammies – Getting Started

Section III – Setting Yourself Up To Succeed

Being able to dress yourself and tie your own shoes.

  1. Your Two Most Important China Rules
  2. Do Your Frickin’ Homework
  3. Forget Remote Control
  4. Bigfoot, Yetis & The China Expert
  5. The China Market – 101
  6. Your ‘World-Famous’ Brand Means Bupkis Here
  7. Use Face to Sell
  8. Quality & Value?  Who gives a crap?
  9. Standard Operating Practice (S.O.P.) I-Drink with the Boys & Sing with the Girls
  10. Everything That is Not About Face,  Is About Guanxi II
  11. You Can Always Get More Guanxi – II
  12. “That’s A Great Idea!  Thanks!”
  13. If You Get Conned, You Had It Coming
  14. Get a Lawyer, But Don’t Count on The Law
  15. Beijing Sammies – First Six Months

Section IV – Negotiating With The Dragon

You have to be prepared that at the end of the day, they do just want to eat you up.

  1. Pick Your Partners Well
  2. A Good Contract is a Good… Beginning!
  3. S.O.P. II – Getting You on the Boat
  4. Don’t Let Hospitality Take You Hostage
  5. Smile, They’re Out to Screw You
  6. Staying Power
  7. Size Matters
  8. Home Court Advantage – I
  9. The Silent Treatment
  10. Home Court Advantage – II
  11. Determine the Decision Maker(s)
  12. Achieve Progression by Concession
  13. Your Happiness = Their Lose Of Face
  14. Refuse To Play The Shame Game
  15. Use Face in Your Favor
  16. The Big, Gigantic, Enormous Carrot in the Sky
  17. They’re Using You to Get to Your Sister
  18. What Do You Mean I’m The Mistress?
  19. BYOT: Bring Your Own Translator
  20. Ignorance is Not Bliss
  21. When Necessary, Get Angry
  22. It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over
  23. My Black Monday

Section V – Operations, Finances & Human Resources:
The All You Can Eat Buffet

Start working on your calming breathing practices now…

  1. China’s Talent Puddle
  2. Outsource the Talent Sourcing
  3. One Child Policy = Little Emperors
  4. Education Insanity
  5. Face & the Creativity Crisis
  6. Let’s Play Follow the Boss
  7. If You Need One Person, Choose The Chinese,
    If You Need a Team, Don’t Choose The Chinese
  8. The Power of Systematized Success
  9. You Must Be the Alpha Dog
  10. Emotional Extremes
  11. It’s Never Their Fault
  12. Praise Quietly
  13. The “G” Word
  14. The Dark Side of Face & Creativity
  15. “It’s Wrong to Steal… A Lot”
  16. Why Your Purchaser Has a BMW
  17. Honesty & the 3rd Accounting Book
  18. In life, You Choose Your Own Battles
  19. Don’t Fire Them… Transfer Them!

Section VI – Dealing With The Government

Just imagine something witty about lying down with snakes or swimming with sharks or rolling around in manure… the odds are you are not going to come out of the experience unscathed.

  1. Give Small-Time Officials Big-Time Face
  2. Hire a Handler, Already
  3. Giving Good Face
  4. Never Pick Fights With 800-Lb Gorillas
  5. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

Section VII – Mega Markets

Holy Crap Batman!  Look At All Those People!

  1. Avoid the First-Tier Cities
  2. The Nouveau Riche Niche
  3. Face & the Beauty Biz
  4. Education
  5. Cash in on Kids
  6. Going Green
  7. The Anti Market

Section VIII – Odds & Ends/Closing Thoughts

  1. Get the Dough Before You Go, Then Grow Slow
  2. Friends & Other Exotic Creatures
  3. The China Bubble
  4. The Pace of the Race
  5. Twinkies™, Bananas & Hard Boiled Eggs
  6. Keep It Together
  7. Trust Should Have Nothing To Do With It

Definitely Still Half Full

Appendix A – My China Street Cred

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