Sam has given talks on Entrepreneurship in China to some of the top companies and universities in the world from PriceWaterhouse to MIT. He has also been invited to talk to entrepreneur and business groups visiting China

Sam can explain and breakdown the most misunderstood concepts and how to avoid the rookie mistakes even the most seasoned businesspeople make doing business in China such as:

  • How to break down the basics of ‘face’, ‘guanxi’ and so much more –  so you learn how to get what you want for your business.
  • What to expect and how to deal with China’s vast human resources, a.k.a. the enormous talent puddle.
  • How to navigate the negotiating detours and potholes that come with Chinese business negotiations.
  • Just enough background about business in China to help you understand where they’re coming from when you don’t see eye to eye (which will happen more times than you can count!).
  • How to align your business goals so they become compatible with your staff’s personal goals
  • How to keep yourself in check in the first few infatuating weeks and avoid becoming delirious with China Fever (and then how to cope when the fascination ends and reality sets in).
  • How to stay calm by learning the two most important rules to succeeding in the Chinese business market.

If you are interested in having Sam speak to your organization in person, via teleconference, or via videoconference, please contact us at speaking@where-east-east-west.com

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